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Shop Cats of New York

Rye with the new book Shop Cats of New York

Looking for a last minute gift for your cat-loving or NYC-phile friend? This beautiful book, photographed by our friend Andrew Martilla (iamthegreatwent) and written by our friend Tamar Arslanian (I Have Cat), flew off the shelves after being featured in the NY Post and People magazine! On December 20th, it will be back in stock online so you will have a chance to pick up your own copy in the nick of time! Check on Amazon in a couple days! It may still be available in select brick and mortar book stores locally as well. Congrats Tamar and Andrew! via Harper Collins: "New York City’s most iconic felines.They inhabit New York City’s most legendary and coziest spots—the Algonquin Hotel, a whiskey distillery, Bleecker Street Records, a pilates studio, bookstores, bike shops, and in bodegas around the five boroughs. True New Yorkers—masters of people watching—they perch on wine crates, piles of books, and a classic hotel desktop, taking in all the activity around them. Shop Cats of New York introduces forty of New York’s favorite felines as popular cat blogger Tamar Arslanian and Instagram pet photographer Andrew Marttila capture these deeply loved and well-cared-for animals in their city habitats and reveal how they have come to reign over their urban kingdoms."

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