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Olive & Rye Cats Laura Kicey Human

Laura S. Kicey is an artist, photographer, and very sane cat lady based near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kicey is a 1999 graduate of Kutztown University, where she studied graphic design and photography. Since 2004, her art has been shown in numerous galleries and museums across the U.S., and has been licensed by such clients as Urban Outfitters, Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, Philadelphia Magazine, and Pantone. Her photographs and digital composites can be found in several private collections and have been prominently featured in print publications internationally.  


Olive & Rye are two girl cats rescued by Philly PAWS in 2014 and adopted by Laura and her boyfriend in August of the same year. Olive is a loopy calico who is about 7 years old. Rye is about 6 years old and brimming with copious tortietude. They love each other almost as much as they love wrestling together in the bathtub and stealing dairy products. 

In 2017 at the inaugural Kittydelphia event in Philly we hosted, we met a tortoiseshell kitten who was in foster care through PAWS. We went on to adopt her, name her Fig, and she has bonded very closely with our family, especially Rye, and her human mom. She is now 3 years old. 

Laura and her first cat Maggie
Olive and Rye
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