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Friends of Meowrs

Cherished Paws Gems
Pet-themed memorial jewelry and more


Philly PAWS
100% donation-funded shelter

Polydactyl Cats

Whimsical cat toys

Volana Kote

Whisker tribute jewelry

Sheer Fun For Cats

A simple but fun cat enrichment toy

The Cat Ball

Quirky, high-quality cat beds

The Dancing Cat

Quirky cat art and stationery


Philly-based designer of housewares
and apparel

The 50/50 Company

Quirky affordable art with a focus on cats

Paw Project
Devoted to making declawing illegal in the US

Purr and Roar

All cats big and small, a blog

The Purrington Post
Feline-friendly blog designed
specifically for cat lovers

4 Ever In My Heart

Custom-engraved pet memorial stones

The Smush Foundation

Raising funds to benefit animal welfare org

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