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Kawaii Kitty Cafe

Born in Japan, the concept of a cat cafe is nothing new, but as they are infiltrating the rest of the world, cat cafes are evolving. North American cat cafes focus on having adoptable cats available on the premises, rather than resident cats. Health codes dictate that there be two distinct areas, one for food prep and consumption, and another for cats.

Within the last two years, cafes have opened in NYC and DC, but Philly needs one too! Now is our chance! Partnering with Philly's finest coffee, La Colombe, and the coolest shelter, Philly PAWS, Kristin Eissler is planning on bringing a fantastic cat cafe to Philadelphia. More exciting for us: Eissler wants to display some of our cat art in the cafe! To get the project off the ground, your help is needed! Please visit their IndieGogo campaign and donate if you can, share if you can't. They are more than half way to their goal and every little bit helps. Wouldn't you love to have your ex's name written in a cafe litter pan? Your wish can become reality and help open the doors!

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